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Home staging

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Home staging

Home staging of an apartment

Home staging of an apartment in Łódź. By emphasizing the character of the apartment and the taste of residents through appropriate composition of accessories and selection of right colours we reached the result that being in these interiors is a real pleasure.

What is home staging?

Home staging is a professional preparation of property for sale or rent. In contrast to traditional interior design, home styling does not require large investments, both in time and financial.

Thanks to decoration, proper presentation and actions based on emotional marketing, a professional home stager prepares property to a state that will delight the potential buyer from the beginning and encourage him/her to take action.

Did you know that the first 10 seconds are crucial in establishing whether the property will gain in the eyes of a potential buyer?

Research shows that customers first buy emotionally and later rationalise their decisions. This applies to industries that seem to have nothing to do with emotions, such as the transportation, as well as purchases that require a longer decision-making process, like acquiring a property, where prices and risks associated would suggest a more rational approach.

Because consumers mostly make decisions based on emotions, home staging allows to trigger feelings that later translate into real benefits for the seller. Market research conducted by the National Association of Realtors indicates the following advantages of property stylisation:


Our home staging offer

Our range of services includes tasks necessary to optimally prepare a property for a successful sale. Realisation of ready to move in home staging of an apartment depends on the overall condition of the interior, which affects number and complexity of the necessary activities to be carried out.

Home staging services are mostly conducted in case of:

  • cluttered apartment with an excess of items, furniture and decor
  • property finished, but unfurnished and not yet decorated
  • an 'abandoned' property, one, where no one lives anymore, empty or partially furnished
  • unfinished property, i.e. put up for sale before the interior decoration completion

Regardless of the scope of work, full home stager offer includes:

  • initial consultation (with or without a written report)
  • development of the concept of changes and preparation of to do list
  • budget estimation
  • signing the contract
  • implementation of recommended changes
  • coordination of works of subcontractors
  • decoration and final stylisation
  • photo session

Keeping space in order

A professional home stager can prepare a property in a way that makes a place free from symbols that have subjective meaning for the current owner.

It is ultimately about the ability to look from a distance and without an emotional attachment to specific elements of the interior decor, which presence could give the buyer the impression that he/she is an intruder interfering in someone's privacy.

As a result, home staging of the property for sale facilitates getting rid of many unnecessary items, helping to recover space, bringing order and making the place perceived as easier to adapt by the potential owner.

The use of colour and accessories

Home staging gives the possibility of proper selection of colours in the rooms by supplementing them with accessories or by changing colors of the walls corresponding to decor.

Accreditation Certificate

In such dynamically changing real estate environment, proper interior preparation becomes a key factor in effective sale or rental offer. We can be trusted.

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