Interior design

unique home decor

Interior design

functional and aesthetic properties

Interior design

Apartment design

Our apartment designs are distinguished by very high aesthetics, unique home decor, use of quality accessories and functional ideas. We design cozy places with human touch to provide exceptional level of comfort and better quality of living.

Commercial interior design

Our commercial interior designs are particularly appreciated by companies that want to build a market advantage and create unforgettable brand experience. Elegant and aesthetic interiors of properties like restaurants, cafes and offices facilitate building the brand's unique name and quickly gaining customers' loyalty.

Interior design is our passion. We create aesthetic interiors, functional and of high quality. We put great emphasis on:

  • quality of accessories
  • unique home decor
  • visual experience

We arrange interiors in full scope, from project preparation, investment supervision, finishing, up to home staging.

For apartment design we get inspiration from multiple places, like seaside interiors and rural residences in Hampton styleProvence style, Amsterdam apartments in tenement houses or residences in the ranch style, to name a few.

Very important in our projects is the mood, which we develop with unique combination of colors, home décor arrangement, huge attention to details, and introduction of custom-made elements. We utilize items in a vintage style and use equipment acquired from other, amazing and old properties with history. In one apartment we have installed an original sliding door from a deconstructed tenement house in Ibiza.

All our interiors are designed to provide residents with maximum comfort of living and relaxation.

We approach commercial interior design taking into account the character of the place. We specialize in designing and arranging premises like restaurants and cafes. Our projects take into account:

  • positioning of our client's brand
  • the experience customer wants to evoke through interior design style
  • functionality of premises


We prepare commercial premises to the full extent, starting from the project, through investment supervision, finishing on home staging. We believe that exceptional commercial interiors help build brand name and gain customers' loyalty through unforgettable experiences.


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