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Apartment design

Apartment in marine loft style in tenement house

This marine loft-style apartment is located in the immediate vicinity of the park, in a renovated tenement house. The interior is fully furnished and ready to move in. The apartment is equipped with original accessories that it a cozy and unique character.

A boho-style apartment in a tenement house

Apartment interior design in boho style in a beautifully renovated tenement house FOR SALE. In this project, we introduced unique accessories and elements that improve the aesthetics of the interior and bring unusual experiences. We used, among others, original Swedish wallpaper or antique sliding wooden doors. The apartment offers an unforgettable view of the city's rooftops, bringing to mind the mood of Parisian tenement houses.

Beautiful attic apartment in urban farmhouse style

Interior of this unique attic apartment with an area of ​​57 sq m, consists of a living room with kitchen annex, dining area and bedroom with a window separated from the living room with loft doors and a spacious bathroom. The property has been equipped with attractive accessories that build extraordinary visual experiences and bring a cozy feel.

Extraordinary attic apartment in glamor loft style

We present finished design of attic apartment in glamor loft style. The interior is ready to move in and equipped with a whole range of original accessories and details to meet the needs of active and demanding people. The apartment is located in a tenement house on the third floor with beautifully restored staircase with modern lighting, renovated brick, Klein arches and Spanish black and white mosaic leading to it. 

Apartment design of interior with unique wallpaper

We have finished another apartment design. This time, we decided to arrange the interior around a wallpaper, which sets the tone for all the equipment and decor. The flat, approximately 40M2, has been fully furnished and is ready to move in. Designed with a whole range of original accessories it is made in urban loft style that corresponds well with the nearby park.

Apartment with mezzanine in the block

When designing this apartment, we took advantage of the high ceiling to create a mezzanine, which, with the introduction of numerous accessories and colors, helped us achieve unprecedented aesthetics and optimal use the space of this interior.

Apartment in tenement near park

Apartment for people who lead active life in harmony with nature. Those who love morning jogging, but also interior design novelties. This apartment's interior design is ideal for individual looking for something small but unique and original at the same time. One who appreciate convenience, ideas that make life easier, including the excellent location in the city center with proximity to nature.

Mezzanine apartment

For this apartment interior design, we used the space optimally by fitting in the mezzanine. With this arrangement, the interior is ideal for a young couple with a child.

Traveler pearl in Kindermann Palace

We decided to maintain this apartment design in a travel style, somewhat exotic, with subtle, pastel colors of powdered roses and greens. The interior has been completely renovated (new installations, floors, stairs, new water and sewage installations).

Woman's oasis by Ann

The idea for this apartment design was to create a feminine, cozy interior with suitable conditions for relaxation after a hard day's work. In home decor we combined different styles, which make the space look not obvious which was the goal for the owner.

Boho world at Manufaktura

We conducted general renovation, replaced old installations and windows. We kept interior design of this apartment in tenement house in boho style with loft elements to give the property a unique character. Huge stress was put on neutral colors with strong ethno accents.

Hamptons in the heart of the city

The apartment designed for a family of three demanding people. The interior subjected to a lot of functional modifications. Bedroom was moved to the kitchen, the bathroom gained space at the expense of the bedroom. Changes affected also the layout of walls in the hallway. Property arranged in hamptons style.

Attic in modern rhythm

For the purpose of selling apartments by the developer, we have created interior visualizations of an apartment in the attic. Our task was to optimally arrange property with slanted walls and create a comfortable, universal space for living.

Taste of Provence

The apartment was designed to fulfill owners dream about provence oasis. Interiors equipped with unique, distressed furniture and accessories in shabby chic style to evoke timeworn feeling of home décor.

Modern loft apartment in tenement house

The large space in the tenement house has been divided into two modern, loft apartments.
We decided to keep this interior in sync with city tenement houses adding a touch of Scandinavian style.

Romantic urban jungle

In this apartment design in urban jungle style we combined kitchen with the living room, and in left space, we conjured up a study room and a spacious wardrobe. The apartment interior was completely renovated (new windows, new installations, restored original floors and door woodwork).

Fabulously on Bajeczna

Our job was to prepare an apartment interior visualization for family with a child. Investors wanted to create an atmosphere reflecting the style of Parisian and Amsterdam apartments in tenement houses.

Apartments for rent with a view on the Academy of Music

Our job was to divide a large apartment in a tenement house into three independent apartments for rent. The owners of the flat cared for the eclectic interiors, but at the same time quite simple in form, universal and economical in implementation.

A modern house with a touch of classic in Austria

We have implemented several changes to the building façade (mainly windows, entrances, balconies, and guest zones). According to the wishes of the residents, the house has been kept in a modern style by introducing timeless ideas.

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