Commercial interior design

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Commercial interior design

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Commercial interior design

Interior design and realisation of Manu Cafe

Łódź is a city with rich history that has shaped both architecture, culture and cuisine. At the crossroads of cultures a city was created, challenging for some, while others are enchanted by its hidden beauty and off charm. In the middle of it we have arranged design interior of commercial space - cafe.

Czervona cafe in Lodz

The idea behind this project was to design the interior of a cozy café, where red colour is a distinctive thread.

Arrangement of a bistro bar

Arrangement of the commercial interior - the Rajskie Jadło bistro in Łódź. The illumination of space and the introduction of bright accessories makes the place clean and improves the experience of the brand.

Arrangement of Rajskie Jadło restaurant

Arrangement of the commercial interior of the Rajskie Jadło bistro in Łódź. Even small changes introduced in the place in form of accessories and colors enable market advantage and improve attractiveness among consumers.

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