Arrangement of City Pizza in Zgierz

Because of characteristic orange lodges, we decided to introduce urban style, Italian holidays theme and to complement existing colours with new tint. Since the restaurant is also pub-like, we focused on the urban street feel of Italy. The leitmotif was the orange Vespa pictured on both large format wallpapers and smaller graphics.

We gave up the stone wall, which was the central part in the pizzeria. The stone introduced heaviness and was negatively affecting reception of the place. We replaced it with parts of real brick, which gave lightness to the pizzeria and complemented our palette of colours.

To refresh the look of the interior, we offered replacement of countertops. We used existing, solid foundations and instead of old countertops we utilized oak plywood ones, giving it the look of elegance. The last part of this interior arrangement was the introduction of new industrial lighting to break the idyllic atmosphere of the place.

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