Interior design and realisation of Manu Cafe

A lot can be said about Łódź, but certainly not that it is obvious and unambiguous. It is a bit like a sip of coffee, which gradually reveals different tastes, from bitterness to a delightful note of refreshment.

Such city inspires people who like challenges, creative and seeking individuals, pushing them to develop unique projects, festivals, restaurants, clubs.

All this became the starting point for designing the interior of the Manu Cafe, which has become popular in the heart of the lively and energetic Manufaktura square.

The interior of Manu Cafe is supposed to link to the history of Łódź, with its fresh and contemporary look. The design of the bar inspired by old travel suitcases reminds us how city has changed due to immigration, entrepreneurs and curious people who came to Łódź. The eclectic interior decor mixes a touch of classic elegance with the industrial soul of the city. The design theme strongly reminds where we are and the beautiful photographs of Łódź are decorating walls of the cafe.

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